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Monofilament filter cloth

Monofilament filter cloth is mainly woven from PP, PA66, PA6, PE, etc. This kind of filter cloth has extremely high air permeability, and its life and filtration capacity are nearly 10 times higher than those of short fiber fabric or filament fabric. It is especially suitable for the continuous production environment of alumina, phosphate fertilizer industry, cement, smelting, chemical industry, etc. Its long life can greatly increase labor productivity and reduce labor intensity.

Main features:
A. Good capture effect after solid, long life
B. Fast filtration speed, less clogging and stable filtration speed
C. The filter residue has good peelability, no expansion and contraction, and good dimensional stability.
D. Unattended during production, shortening washing time and reducing water consumption.

Monofilament filter cloth
Monofilament filter cloth

Multifilament filter cloth

Multifilament filter cloth is mainly made of PP, PE, PA and other raw materials. After spinning, weaving into filter cloth, the principle of filtration, the material enters the filter cloth cavity to pressurize, water penetrates and filters from the filter cloth, and the characteristics of the multifilament filter cloth , High filtration accuracy, shortcomings and easy clogging, especially after adding flocculant, it is easy to stick filter cloth.

Multifilament filter cloth
Multifilament filter cloth

Monofilament filter cloth

Monofilament filter cloth is mainly made of PP, PE, PA and other raw material warp threads using monofilament and weft threads are woven with multifilament yarn. Each series of filter cloth forms a complement.

Monofilament filter cloth danfu
Monofilament filter cloth danfu

Performance Parameters


Nonwoven parameters range.
Grammage per square meter:




Air permeability:


Rupture strength N/5*20cm:

2100-2300 for warp and 1300 for weft. Filtration precision: 2-50μm.



★Foreign original imported equipment

★Uniform aperture size of filter cloth

★Excellent air permeability of filter cloth

★Raw materials purchased in Sinopec

★No raw materials produced by small factories

★Excellent acid and alkali resistance

Sino-foreign joint venture


Evergreen (China) Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of filter equipment and mineral equipment accessories integrating R&D, production and sale.

We headquarter in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province and our factory covers an area of 33,000 m2,
Evergreen has powerful technical force, complete processing method and rich experience.

We introduce advanced CNC process center, CNC lathe, extrude machine, large type vulcanizing press, welding machine and other processing equipment as well as advanced test equipment like non-rotor rheometer and tensile tester from Japan and Germany.

Filter Cloth Raw Materials

Filter Cloth Raw Materials

Filter Cloth Machines2

Filter Cloth Machines

Filter Cloth Warping machines3

Filter Cloth Warping Machines

Filter Cloth Breathability measurement4

Filter Cloth Breathability Measurement

Filter Cloth Rolling

Filter Cloth Rolling

Filter Cloth

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