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Polypropylene filter cloth equipment and production process

Filter Cloth Raw Materials

Filter Press Cloth Raw Materials

Filter Cloth Machines2

Filter Press Cloth Machines

Filter Cloth Warping machines3

Filter Press Cloth Warping Machines

Filter Cloth Breathability measurement4

Filter Press Cloth Breathability Measurement

Filter Cloth Rolling

Filter Press Cloth Rolling

vertical filter cloth

Filter Press Cloth Finished product






Custom filter elements

Coolant filter belts

Vacuum filter belts

Special filter bags

PP Filter Cloth Advantage

1. Our equipment is imported from abroad, which ensures that the pore size of the filter cloth is uniform and improves the quality of the filter cloth.Increase the air permeability of the entire filter cloth to ensure the quality of the filter cloth.

2. Our raw materials are all purchased from Sinopec, and we do not use raw materials produced by cheap small factories and
Secondary materials, strictly control the quality of raw materials.

PP filter cloth is a popular choice in a wide range of industries including chemical manufacturing, pigments & dyes, mining, sugar processing, metal hydroxide sludge, and wastewater treatment.

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