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Rubber Cover Plate

The impeller and the cover plate liner are made of high wear-resistant rubber, ensure the pump can not be worn,working life is 2 times compared with other metal pump, our cover plate liner and impeller reach the international top quality.

Because the wear resistant rubber is light and elastic, the starting energy consumption is small, and the running noise is reduced by more than 60%.

Brand Name: Evergreen

Rubber Sieve Plate

The polyurethane sieve grading sieve, widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal screen, building materials, water conservancy, construction industry, steel plate punching mesh, wire mesh, stainless steel plate products, has the advantages of light weight, high efficiency, no blocking, anti friction, impact resistance,the advantages of low noise, convenient installation, comprehensive benifiets.

Brand Name: Evergreen

PU Sieve Plate

Polyurethane elastic sieve plate makes full use of polyurethane elastomer excellent wear-resisting performance, wide hardness range of high strength, high elongation and high elasticity, good damping performance and oil resistance,low temperature resistance, heat aging, radiation resistance, electrical insulation and other properties, together with its reasonable sieve structure and installation structure design.

Brand Name: Evergreen

Rubber Liner Plate

1. the high wear resistant rubber liner has good dynamic fatigue performance and can effectively restrain the fatigue wear of the liner;

2. high wear-resisting rubber liner with high elastic deformation, energy absorption and dissipation of solid particle flow impact energy, thus easing the impact wear;

Brand Name: Evergreen

Cylinder Sieve

Shapes of Holes in Various Sieve:
1. Square holes
2. Rectangular holes
3. Long three-weft holes
4. Round
5. Triangle
6. Equilateral triangle| grizzly type
7. Guide-track type
8. Angled arrangement
9. Loose rod arrangement

Brand Name: Evergreen

Mine Ventilation Pipe

PVC Duct Ventilation Hose
PVC Duct Ventilation Hose Specification:
Diameter: 150-1500mm,
customizedWall thickness:0.35mm-0.8mm
Material:PVC flam-resistant static-free fabric
By black encryption plastic bone wrapped encryption thick steel wire as the skeleton, with PVC mesh as the pipeTelescopic,high compressive strength and other advantages.

Brand Name: Evergreen

Portable Tunnel Fan

Filter plate can be divided into polypropylene filter plate and diaphragm filter plate, which is widely used in chemical, mining, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, resource development, metallurgy, coal, national defense industry, environmental protection and other fields.
Portable Tunnel Fan Features:
Telescopic rotation, free connection, light volume, easy to carry,Belt buckle horn hose nozzle. Convenient socket extension.

Brand Name: Evergreen

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