Filter Press Plates

EVERGREEN offer plates to a wide variety of industries. Since each industry creates such different slurries, we are experienced that you are supplied the right plate for your filter press.

Filter Plates

Filter Plates are an important component of filter presses. They hold the filter cloths that separate the liquids from the solids during the process.
Evergreen supply filter plates have been selected to be compatible with most makes and models of filter presses. Our Sales and Service Team can recommend an appropriate filter plate based on your company’s equipment and needs. Inquire the Direct Factory Price Now!

Filter Press Plates must be strong and oftentimes, corrosion-resistant. Corrosion resistant polypropylene plates are available in recessed chamber and diaphragm squeeze (membrane) designs. Diaphragm squeeze plates are also available with replaceable diaphragms made of PP, PVDF, Nylon or EPDM.

Evergreen is manufacturing filter press plates have earned a worldwide reputation for quality, craftsmanship, durability, and precise specifications. We offer a comprehensive range of plate types and materials to fit all OEM Presses. Inquire the Direct Factory Price Now!

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Filter Plate Manufacturer

Our standard plates are center feed gasketed filter press plates. We also has the ability to acquire more custom plates including corner feed, top feed, non-gasketed, and plate and frame.

We are design and manufacturing wide array of filter plates. It is available in sizes 470mm, 500mm, 630mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 1600mm, 2000mm and 2500mm. up to a maximum filter cake thickness size of 32mm.

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Filter Press Accessories

Filter Press Accessories

LET US ASSIST YOU! Looking for High-Performance Filter Press Plates with Competitive Pricing? We Promise You’ll Love Ours. Let’s Talk!

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Filter Press Application

Mining Mineral Processing

Mineral Processing

Filter Press is used in processing plants of the mining industry, The most frequent applications are the dewatering of fine coal and coal tailings (finest fractions) as well as the solid-liquid separation of the ore concentrate suspension concentrated by flotation and subsequently separated from mineral by-products.

At this point, metals such as zinc, iron and copper are extracted, but precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum are also extracted in corresponding mines in the form of a puncture-proof filter cake.

Environment Water Treatment

Due to the high degree of dewatering requirements and the high filtration quality, filter presses with specific membrane filter plates (membrane filter presses) are preferably used as mechanical solid/liquid separation units in the field of water and waste water treatment.

The filter cake formed after filtration must have the highest possible dry matter content (DM content) due to the final disposal. This reduces the associated follow-up costs for disposal to a minimum.

Environment Water Treatment
food and beverage industry

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry places high demands on the filtration systems and filter press architectures used with regard to high DM contents, optimum washing results and uniform cake structure. The aim is to achieve the highest possible end product quality, regardless of the working temperature.

Chemical Manufacturing

The chemical and petrochemical industry places high demands on filtration systems and filter press architectures used with regard to chemical resistance and the relevant filtration parameters in order to achieve the highest possible end-product quality.

As a result, durable, safe and efficient technology solutions as well as optimised and efficiently designed process parameters are critical for chemical processing applications.

Chemical Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Industry


In the pharmaceutical industry, filter presses are commonly used for small-scale filtration applications in research and development, quality control, and small-scale production.

Industry knowledge

What Is a Filter Plate?

A filter press plate is a component of a filter press machine used in solid-liquid separation processes. Filter plates are typically made of a variety of materials such as polypropylene, stainless steel, cast iron, or aluminum. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on the application and filtration requirements.

How Do You Use a Filter Plate?

A filter press operates by applying pressure to a slurry, forcing the liquid to pass through filter cloths or membranes while retaining the solid particles within chambers formed by filter plates. This process results in the formation of a solid cake, which can then be removed from the press.

What Are the Different Types of Filter Plates?

There are three basic categories of filter press plates: recessed chamber, membrane squeeze (diaphragm squeeze) and plate and frame.

Recessed Chamber Filter Press Plates

These filter plates are utilized in various brands of recessed chamber filter presses, and represent the most commonly used plate.

The filter plates are stronger and have a higher fill pressure than plates and frame
Gasketed, virtually leak free (CGR)
Allows for mechanical plate shifting
Non-gasketed available (NG)

Membrane Filter Plates (Diaphgragm Squeeze)

These filter plates are utilized in a membrane squeeze filter press and are designed for unique applications. This type of plate is also more costly than recessed chamber plates. Using diaphragm/membrane squeeze filter press plates may result in significant additional fluid removal and/or cycle time reduction if the filter cake is compressible.

Plate and Frame Filter Press Plates

Plate and frame is the oldest of the filter plate designs, but is still useful in certain applications.

  • Used for fine filtration where filter paper may be required
  • Allows for different filter cake thicknesses by adding a thicker or thinner frame
  • Filter cloth drapes over plate
  • You should expect some leakage
  • Operated at lower pressures

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