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EVERGREEN support you from over 50+ locations globally from recommended parts lists to installation to upgrades and beyond.

Crusher Parts

When selecting spare parts for your crusher, consider the long term. Evergreen’s components contribute to keeping your crusher in optimal operating condition. They are meticulously designed to be installed and function like original parts, without compromising performance, capacity, health and safety, or environmental factors.

Crusher Parts Manufacturer

Our customized spare parts solutions can help improve the reliability and availability of your equipment, supporting you in optimizing factory performance and total ownership costs through more sustainable operations.

Our objective is to establish a proactive partnership with you based on a deep understanding of your operations. We aim to make parts identification, ordering, supply, and demand planning as smooth, efficient, and cost-effective as possible.

Jaw crusher

Jaw Crusher Parts

The design and manufacturing of robust jaw crusher parts are aimed at enhancing crushing performance and preventing unexpected downtime. Evergreen’s crusher parts portfolio includes wear parts and spares for jaw crushers – compatible with all equipment and jaw crusher models manufactured by other makers.

Cone Crusher

Cone Crusher Spare Parts

Reliable wear parts and spares for cone crushers ensure stable production without unexpected downtime. We offer a comprehensive range of cone crusher spares for all models, covering many crushers manufactured by other makers as well. These parts are available as standard components and can also be customized to meet your specific application requirements.

Gyratory Crusher

Gyratory Crusher Parts

High-quality gyratory crusher parts can enhance crushing performance, reduce unexpected downtime, all while maintaining sustainability. We offer standard or customized parts based on your application requirements.

Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher Parts

Durable impact crusher parts have a longer lifespan and enhance productivity. Evergreen’s comprehensive range of wear and spare parts is applicable to both Horizontal Shaft Impact (HSI) crushers and Vertical Shaft Impact (VSI) crushers. This includes off-the-shelf standard parts as well as customized components tailored to your specific impact crushing application.

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Crusher Application

gold ore

Gold Processing

Metallurgical processing of metalliferous ores in general and gold ores in particular, consists essentially of three stages, often colloquially referred to as: Bashing (crushing); Mashing (grinding); and Hashing (extraction/recovery).

Coal Processing

Coal processing involves crushing, screening and beneficiation.
Beneficiation can improve the quality of contaminated coal that would otherwise be wasted. Most cleaning processes involve washing coal in order to separate coal particles from stone particles.

coal ore
platinum ore

Platinum Processing

The separation chemistry of the platinum-group metals is among the most complex and challenging of metal separations. Virtually all platinum-group metals are recovered from copper or nickel sulfide minerals, which are concentrated by flotation separation.

Copper Processing

The extraction of copper from ore is normally carried out in three major steps. The first step, mineral processing, is to liberate the copper minerals and remove waste constituents—such as alumina, limestone, pyrite, and silica. The second step, involving either smelting or leaching, removes a large proportion of impurity elements. The final step, refining, removes the last traces of the impurity elements and produces a copper product of 99.99 percent purity.

iron ore

Iron Processing

Iron processing refers to the methods used to extract and process iron from its ores. The primary methods of extracting iron from its ores include: Mining, Transportation, Processing, Ore Beneficiation, Smelting, Refining, Casting and Finishing Processes.

Diamond Processing

Diamond processing is the practice of changing a diamond from a rough stone into a faceted gem. Cutting diamond requires specialized knowledge, tools, equipment, and techniques because of its extreme difficulty. Diamond processing phases: drawing/marking/planning, cleaving/sawing, bruiting and polishing, Final inspection, Recutting.

diamond ore
chrome ore

Chrome Processing

The chromite beneficiation process adopts the combined process of gravity beneficiation-magnetic separation-gravity beneficiation to beneficiate and purify the chromite ore, and the recovery rate and concentrates grade of the beneficiation can meet the ideal requirements. Therefore, it is widely used in the field of chromite beneficiation, and it is a very effective chromite beneficiation process.

Mineral Sands Processing

Various methods which include magnetic, gravity and electrostatic separation as well as chemical processes, are then used to separate the sands into individual mineral species. The ore is put through a screening plant which breaks it down into individual grains.

mineral sand

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