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Rubber-Liner Plate

General Information

Rubber Liner Plate Description:
1. the high wear resistant rubber liner has good dynamic fatigue performance and can effectively restrain the fatigue wear of the liner;

2. high wear-resisting rubber liner with high elastic deformation, energy absorption and dissipation of solid particle flow impact energy, thus easing the impact wear;

3. the high abrasion resistant rubber liner plate has the characteristics of anti chemical corrosion in the range of 2 to 14 pH value, and can fundamentally solve the corrosive wear problem of the lining board.

Rubber Liner Plate Application:
Widely used in grinding mill high wear-resisting rubber liner has been in the black metal mines, non-ferrous metal mines, gold mines and miners, chemical plant, chemical fertilizer factory, building materials factory, steel factories and various industries.

Rubber Liner Plate Advantages:
High abrasion resistant rubber liner plate has the following advantages compared with the metal liner plate:

1. long service life, usually 1~3 times the metal lining;

2. light weight, is the metal lining board 1 / 3 – 1 / 4, can effectively reduce the mill load, save power consumption, generally can save electricity 5 – 15%;

3. small single, easy installation and replacement, not prone to industrial accidents;

4. can reduce noise 8 – 15 decibels, improve site working conditions:

5. good sealing performance, no leakage.


★Modern production technology

★Short product lead time

★Invest in the latest technology

★Respond quickly and solve customer problems

★Production flexibility to meet customer requirements

★High product quality standards

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