At present, more and more merchants gradually adopt Rubber Lined Pipe and other related products, lining glue pipe corrosion resistance is strong and durable, can better protect the pipeline from erosion, for more and more people to accept.

Introduction of Rubber Lined Pipe: Rubber Lined Pipe is an external steel or hard structure as the pipe skeleton, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, temperature-resistant and other excellent properties of rubber as the lining layer, metal characteristics and rubber characteristics into one, forming a rigid piping equipment.

The working principle of the Rubber Lined Pipe: The use of rubber “soft kang”, to solve the main wear-resistant pipe lining, to rubber corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance to the pipeline to play a protective role. Through the physical and chemical properties of rubber itself, thus reducing the effect of pipeline conveying medium on the external structure such as impact, corrosion, etc., so that the pipeline has high strength, high wear resistance, high anticorrosion and high temperature resistance and other properties, greatly extend the service life of the pipeline, reduce the cost of users.

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