Why is your conveyor belt broken down so fast?

Conveyor belt service life can generally reach more than 10 years, but many customers do not use it for such a long time. What causes conveyor belt life to become shorter?

1、The good or bad selection
“There is no bad conveyor belt, only the wrong place to use”, the good or bad selection greatly determines the service life of the conveyor belt. Orientflex’s technical personnel with more than 20 years of practical experience, can accurately and quickly assist customers in the selection, saving customers’ maintenance costs.

2、Whether the design of the equipment is reasonable
In the design of conveying equipment, the specific size of the drum, the form of transmission, the transport connection between the equipment, etc., is directly related to the smoothness of the conveying process, which is also an important factor affecting the service life of the conveyor belt. Orientflex specialises in the design and manufacture of large conveying equipment for the mining industry.

3, Whether the daily maintenance is good
In today’s automated factories, many manufacturers are negligent in maintaining their conveyor belts, resulting in low productivity and even stoppage of production. Our staff will communicate with customers from time to time to help them feel more at ease during the use of the equipment.

The conveyor belt is a wearing part and is one of the important parts in industrial production, so it is very important that we do a good job of maintenance of the equipment on the basis of reasonable selection of the conveyor belt and good choice of equipment.