Why are filter cloths varied?
It is precisely because the non-compliance with the working conditions will affect the filtering effect, so there are many types of filter cloths. From the perspective of filtering equipment, there are: horizontal belt type, vertical type, plate and frame type, power plant type, electrolysis type and leaf filter type filter cloth.

  1. The horizontal belt type filter cloth is made of PE and PP fibers. After calendering treatment, the filter cake with small surface drag is easy to fall off and has a good filtering effect. Horizontal belt filter cloth is often used in chemical, pharmaceutical, phosphate fertilizer and other fields;
  2. The vertical type filter cloth is made of PE and PP fibers. It is used for pressure filtration with a vertical filter press. The vertical filter cloth has good stretch resistance and high strength after special treatment. It is often used in copper ore, nickel ore, iron concentrate mining and other fields;
  3. The plate-and-frame type filter cloth is produced for the plate-and-frame filter press, and the filter effect is achieved by external force extrusion. It is in the shape of a bag; it is often used in gold mine tailings and other industrial fields;
  4. The electrolytic diaphragm cloth is made of polyester-cotton material, which has insulation, anti-corrosion and stability, and is often used in the fields of electrolytic nickel and electrolytic copper;
  5. The power plant desulfurization filter cloth is made of , which has corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high strength, and is often used in the field of thermal power plant desulfurization;
  6. The filter cloth of the leaf filter machine is made of polypropylene material. The filter cake adheres to the surface of the filter cloth, and the cake discharge is fast and the flow rate is large. It is often used in fields such as alumina.
    It is not difficult to see from the above that each type of filter cloth has its own characteristics and applicable fields. If the filter cloth is not suitable, the filter cloth will not be able to exert the filtering effect. Therefore, there are so many types of filter cloth. And the selection should be carefully selected according to the working conditions; if you cannot make a good choice, you can contact the professional filter cloth manufacturer Evergreen, and we can help filter cloth selection.

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