The diaphragm filter press is generally considered to be an upgraded version of the ordinary box filter press. Compared with the ordinary box filter press, the diaphragm filter press realizes further dehydration of the filter cake and reduces the transportation cost of the filter cake. Now it has been widely used in metallurgy, papermaking, medicine, food and other industries. The advantages of the lower diaphragm filter press are described in detail below

  1. The use of low-pressure filtration and high-pressure pressing can greatly shorten the entire filtration cycle.
  2. Using TPE elastomer, the filtration pressure can reach 25MPA, which greatly reduces the moisture content, saves the drying cost and improves the yield.
  3. Save the consumption of operating power. In the later stage of filtration, the flow rate is small and the pressure is high.
  4. The diaphragm pressing function completes this process in a very short time, saving power consumption.
  5. Increase the degree of mud cake and reduce the content of mud cake. The diaphragm squeezes the statically filtered filter cake for the second time, so that the structure of the filter cake is rearranged and the density is increased, thereby replacing part of the water and improving the dryness.
  6. Strong corrosion resistance, basically suitable for all solid-liquid separation operations.
  7. Configurable PLC and man-machine interface control.
  8. The diaphragm filter plate has anti-fatigue, anti-aging and sealing performance.
    The main difference between the diaphragm filter press and the ordinary box filter press is that two layers of elastic membranes are installed on both sides of the diaphragm. During operation, a high-pressure fluid medium can be injected into the diaphragm. When the filter cake fills the entire filter cavity, the equipment stops filtering and then fills the filter plate with an expanding material such as water or air. At this time, the entire diaphragm will bulge, so that the pressure acts on the filter cake, and with the continuous increase of the pressure, the liquid in the filter cake that can pass through the filter cloth will be pressed out to realize the secondary dehydration of the filter cake, so that the content of the filter cake will be reduced. Water is lower.