What is PTFE lined Pipe and Advanges
PTFE lined pipes are plastic lined pipes commonly used in many industrial applications such as transferring chemicals, substances in refineries, pesticides, petrochemicals, steel materials, food and beverages, alcohols, acids, pharmaceuticals, circuit breakers, fertilisers and mineral extracts from desalination.

PTFE Lined Pipes can be manufactured in straight spools, tee pieces, cross sections, 90/45 and 3D degree elbows and concentric and eccentric reducers.
We also offer certification of welding to AS 4041 and ASME IX structural standards.

Advanges of PTFE lined pipe systems
The life of pipeline systems increases due to absence of corrosion
PTFE lining safeguards and enhances better working conditions as leakage does not occur and subsequent harmful gases and vapors do not evaporate in the atmosphere.
The cost incurred in maintenance, repairing and time lost can be minimized.
A wide variety of chemicals can be used through a PTFE loned system, making it more flexible and economical.
Abrasion and wear resistant while maintaining nonstick and high purity characteristics.

In the majority of the Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Food industries, Pharmaceuticals, and nearly every company dealing with extremely harsh and dangerous acids and solvents for their processing demand the lined pipelines systems discover their application.

Frequently, these chemicals are to be communicated from storage space vessels to the blending containers or activators where they create an intermediate item.
Being extremely acidic and destructive in nature, these chemicals have a tendency to rust and also gnaw the steel piping which are made use of as conveyors, leaving the system pointless and harmful for usage.

To prevent corrosion e.g. in a pipe system, internal PTFE lining can be applied to steel pipes, elbows, tees, reducers, spacers, valves and other fittings installed in a pipeline.