The whole set of rubber-lined conveying pipeline is mainly divided into the following parts: rubber-lined straight pipe, rubber-lined elbow, rubber-lined tee, rubber-lined reducer, butterfly valve and other rubber-lined pipe fittings. During the operation of the pipeline, there will be some pipes in special positions that are more vulnerable to damage, so it is necessary to replace and repair spare pipes in advance.

  1. Rubber-lined reducer: This pipe fitting is mainly used between the delivery pump and the rubber-lined pipe, and the pump inlet is directly installed. The larger the inlet of the conveying pump, the greater the frequency of use of the conveying pump. If the diameter of the conveying pipe is smaller than the outlet of the conveying pump, you can use a rubber-lined reducer or a large and small head to increase the lift and extend the pipeline. Therefore, the rubber-lined reducer At this position, the small end of the tube will be subjected to a very large impact force, which is very susceptible to damage;
  2. Rubber-lined elbow: Since the medium is running at high speed in a straight rubber-lined pipeline, the resistance caused by the forward bending suddenly will cause a great impact on the blocking part of the rubber-lined elbow, that is, the arc of the rubber-lined elbow is convex Starting, so the rubber-lined elbow parts are also more easily damaged;
  3. Rubber-lined multi-pass, special-shaped tee: The damage rate is relatively small compared to the above two. The service life of rubber-lined multi-pass and special-shaped tee is different according to different usage. In order not to affect the normal equipment operation of the rubber-lined pipeline, it is recommended to reserve some vulnerable pipe fittings at the initial stage of purchase to facilitate timely replacement.