According to the weaving method, there are monofilament filter cloth (including single multifilament filter cloth), multifilament filter cloth, double-layer filter cloth, non-woven filter cloth and industrial filter belt.

  1. Monofilament filter cloth: The filter cloth with smooth surface and excellent dehydration ensures the characteristics of easy stripping and easy regeneration of the filter cake; suitable for filter presses, leaf filters and all continuous working filtration equipment.   
  2. Multifilament filter cloth: suitable for filtration and separation of very fine particles; wear resistance is called poor single-filament filter, mainly used in filter presses, centrifuges, drum machines, etc.  
  3.  Double-layer filter cloth: This high-strength filter cloth with the best drainage function is specially designed for equipment such as vacuum belt filter, vacuum drum filter and centrifuge, and has excellent dehydration performance 
  4. Non-woven filter cloth: suitable for extremely fine particle filtration and flue gas dust removal in ceramics and other industries.   
  5. Industrial filter belt: suitable for power plant gypsum dehydration, sewage treatment, starch sugar filtration, pharmaceutical, brewing, food and beverage and other industries.