The filter plate is an important part of the filter press. The function of the filter plate is to attach the filter cloth, increase the filter area of the filter press, and store the filter cake produced during filtration.

  1. The shape of the filter plate.

The shape of the filter plate is that the two sides are concave in the middle, and there will be countless blind spots on the bottom surface. So why is it designed in a concave shape? The purpose is that during the filtration process of the filter press, the solids intercepted by the filter cloth can have a storage space. Then the design of the blind spot also has its own secret, which is to increase the friction between the filter plate and the filter cake when storing solids, and effectively support the filter cake. Another purpose is to allow the dialysis water to have a circulation route, so that the water can flow out of the equipment quickly and increase the working efficiency of the equipment. Among them, the large filter plate will also have several bosses with the same thickness as the filter plate. The purpose of this is to allow the pressure to be transmitted to each other well, and to prevent the space of the filter plate from being broken because it cannot withstand strong pressure. damaged.

  1. The material of the filter plate.
    The material of the filter plate is mainly cast iron, glass, polypropylene material, stainless steel, composite rubber plate, etc. PP is currently the most commonly used, that is, high-molecular polypropylene. This material is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, translucent solid substance with high strength, toughness and high wear resistance. Very good resistance to various acids and bases, including the strongest acid, hydrofluoric acid. However, the operating temperature range is relatively narrow. It can only withstand a material of 70° for a short time at most.
  2. How does the filter plate help the filter press to achieve solid-liquid separation.
    When the filtrate is fed into the filter chamber by the feed pump, the filtrate is respectively sent into each filter chamber formed by the extrusion of two filter plates through the upper or middle shunt pipe. Of course, there is a filter between the filter chambers. cloth, and the moisture in the filtrate permeates the filter cloth and gathers at the lower edge of the filter plate, and several holes are designed at the lower edge of the filter plate. The water is discharged out of the equipment to achieve solid-liquid separation.

From these aspects, we should know that no matter the plate and frame filter press, the box filter press, etc., the function of the filter plate is irreplaceable. The function of the filter plate is so important, so we should pay attention to its maintenance.