What are the main materials of the filter plate?
The filter plate is the main component of the filter press. There are many kinds of materials to meet the requirements of different working conditions. At present, the materials of filter plates on the market mainly include: PP filter plates, cast iron filter plates, and stainless steel filter plates.

Among them, PP filter plates include: plate and frame filter plates, box filter plates, diaphragm filter plates, circular filter plates, airtight filter plates, cotton cake filter plates and other types, which can basically meet the filtration needs of various industries.

The structure and application industry of the filter press
A filter press is a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment. It is mainly composed of pressing mechanism, filter plate, frame, electric control system and other components. Used in many industries, such as: sewage treatment, chemical industry, food, mining, ceramics, printing and dyeing, papermaking, metallurgy, etc.

The working principle of the filter press.
When the filter press works, the pressure plate and the thrust plate squeeze the filter plate under the action of the pressing device. At this time,it has a closed filter chamber inside. Then, the feed pump sends the slurry into the closed filter space, and under the pressure of the feed pump, the filter cloth discharges the filtrate.

The filter chamber form a filter cake under the action of pressure, which completes the solid-liquid separation of the material. After the feeding pump stops feeding, release the pressing plate and take out the filter cake. This completes the filtering and proceeds to the next work cycle.