The main features of rubber sieve plate
Rubber sieve plate is a kind of rubber plate. The metal frame is embedded in the rubber sheet, and the holes of the same specification are evenly distributed on it, which has good wear resistance and low noise. It is the main part of the vibrating screen, mainly used in raw coal classification, ore separation, etc., and is widely used in coal preparation and mineral processing industry.
The wear-resistant rubber sieve plate (screen) is made of steel plate as the skeleton and special rubber as the working surface firmly bonded. It has excellent properties such as high elasticity, high wear resistance, impact resistance, tear resistance, and long service life. It can be used in conjunction with heavy-duty screening equipment in industries such as mine dressing, metallurgy, coking, building materials, and coal preparation.
The main features of rubber sieve plate:

  1. It can absorb impact force highly, so it has excellent anti-wear performance. Under normal circumstances, the wear-resistant rubber sieve plate has a working life that is 4-8 times longer than that of the metal sieve plate.
  2. Low noise and less dust. According to field measurements, the use of wear-resistant rubber sieve plates in the same sieve machine can reduce noise by 5-20 decibels compared with metal sieve plates, and can significantly reduce dust flying, making the workshop a quiet and clean working environment.
  3. Small specific gravity, easy installation, easy loading and unloading transportation. The weight of 1 square meter 15mm thick sieve plate is less than 15Kg, which not only reduces the weight of the equipment itself, but also reduces the power consumption of the sieve machine accordingly.
  4. Due to the structure of the wear-resistant rubber sieve plate itself, the sieve hole has relaxation properties (that is, the pore diameter has a small periodic change under the action of external force), and the sieve hole is in an inverted cone shape, so it is not easy to block the hole. Better self-cleaning ability.
  5. High screening precision. Since the sieve holes are punched at one time with a special forming tool, the size is accurate, and it has a screening accuracy that is impossible for a woven screen surface.