The flotation machine rotor stator features: advanced product design: the design of advanced UG software , after the design is completed , using the finite element analysis and wear analysis to do optimization, finally determine the design and making product mould, Skeleton design with shock absorbing performance and excellent resistance to mechanical shock, high strength, good rigidity, convenient transportation,installation and maintenance.
The mould design is reasonable, the use of advanced UG mould design technology, CNC machining center moulding, to ensure accurate product, efficient moulding,but alsi simple production operations, to ensure product performance.
High wear resistance: according to the actual working conditions, the tailor-made polurethane, rubber formula, high polymer nylon formula,all kinds of wear indicators are superior to other brands of rubber.
Stable chemical performance: high corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance resistance and seawater corrosion resistance. Impact resistance, tear resistance: high shear strength and high bond strength between polyurethane, rubber , high polymer nylon and skeleton.
Light weight: loading and unloading,maintenance, replacement convenient and quick.
Dynamic balance stability test: after the rotor frame welding is completed, dynamic balancing test is carried out, after the product is moulded, the overall dynamic balancing test is carried out to improve the operation stability and reduce the partial load.
Stator and rotor by high-quality rubber, polyurethane, high polymer nylon formula three specifications, excellent quality international first class.