1. Reinforced skeleton steel pipe with excellent structure pipe and rubber layer using high-performance adhesive composite as a whole, to overcome the steel pipe pressure is not wear-resistant, plastic, rubber wear-resistant pressure and FRP brittle impact resistance and other shortcomings, at the same time with steel pipe and wear-resistant rubber common advantages, comprehensive cost-effective excellent.
  2. High strength, impact resistance high rubber elastomer density is low, light weight, with good vibration absorption performance and excellent mechanical impact resistance, high strength, good rigidity, does not produce creep, impact resistance, earthquake resistance, anti-water hammer performance, easy to transport, installation and maintenance.
  3. Wide temperature adaptation range The desulfurization lining adhesive pipe can be used for a long time in the range of -50°C~+150°C, and the lining layer will not be removed from the steel frame due to temperature changes.
  4. Good energy-saving lubrication, small operating resistance loss, saving operating costs.
  5. Excellent anti-aging performance, in the normal use of pressure temperature General Service life of more than 15 years (theoretical value). Pipeline use 6-8 years after the nearly three-year rotation, the service life will be longer, Rubber Lined Steel Pipe can be used repeatedly lining glue 4 times, reduce costs, production cycle is short, to ensure the duration.