Steel Rubber Composite Pipe Product Details
Product Details:
The reinforced skeleton steel pipe and the rubber layer with excellent structure are compounded as a whole with high-performance adhesive, which overcomes the shortcomings of steel pipe pressure resistance and wear resistance, plastic and rubber wear resistance and pressure resistance, and glass fiber reinforced plastics with poor impact resistance and other shortcomings. , while having the common advantages of steel pipe and wear-resistant rubber, the comprehensive cost performance is excellent.

  1. High strength, high impact resistance The
    rubber elastomer has low density, light weight, good shock absorption performance and excellent mechanical shock resistance, high strength, good rigidity, no creep, impact resistance, shock resistance, and Strong water hammer performance, easy to transport, install and maintain.
  2. Wide range of temperature adaptation
    The desulfurization rubber-lined pipeline can be used for a long time in the range of -50°C to +150°C, and the rubber-lined layer will not be separated from the steel frame due to temperature changes.
  3. Energy-saving, good lubricity,
    small running resistance loss, saving running costs.
  4. Excellent anti-aging performance.
    Under normal operating pressure and temperature, the general service life can reach more than 15 years (theoretical value).
    After the pipe is used for 6-8 years, it is rotated at nearly 90° once, and the service life will be longer.
    The rubber-lined pipe can be used repeatedly for rubber lining 4 times, which reduces costs, shortens the production cycle, and ensures the construction period.

Advantages of Lined Pipe:
A lined pipe can withstand tough chemical environments,
And Also offer an abrasion-resistant property with hard-lined material,It is a cost-effective solution for non-critical services.

Lined Steel Pipe
The lined pipe has a Mechanical bonding between pipe and line material.

By applying a lined material to a carbon steel pipe, we can get the benefit of anti-corrosion property of lined material and the strength of carbon steel.
Commonly used lined materials are:
(4)FRP (Fiber reinforced plastic).