A good quality filter press must have a good filter chamber. It forms by the filter plate. Therefore, a good filter chamber determine by a good filter plate. When you buy a filter press, you should pay special attention to the material of the filter plate. Let’s first understand what types of filter plates are available for filter presses.
Filter presses divide into plate and frame filter presses, chamber filter presses and diaphragm filter presses. From the shape of the filter plates, it divide into mainly square filter presses.
Differentiation from material
Filter presses divide into polypropylene filter plates, polyethylene filter plates, cast iron filter plates and stainless steel filter plates.
Differentiation from structure
Filter press plates divide into chamber filter plates, plate and frame filter plates, diaphragm press filter plates and round filter plates.
Difference in use
The plate and frame filter plate, consisting of a solid filter plate and a hollow filter plate. It is mainly suitable for the oil and grease industry, and can use as a fine filtering equipment, suitable for industries where the solid materials are particularly small.
The chamber filter plate, consisting of a number of filter plates with holes in the middle, can use in most industries and is characterised by high filtration speed and high filtration pressure.
The membrane press filter plate consists of a filter plate with a hole in the middle, a membrane plate that can inflat to the inside. The main purpose is to further squeeze the filter cake by pumping air into the membrane plate after the filter press. And to achieve a second press to further reduce the liquid content of the filter plate.