Product Description:
Rubber Lined Steel Pipe is a new type of anticorrosive wear-resistant pipe, its outer wall using carbon steel steel pipe as an enhanced skeleton, lined with high-performance anticorrosive wear-resistant rubber plate, through the vulcanization and paste process composite, Rubber Lined Steel Pipe combined with the dual advantages of steel pipe and rubber, not only has a strong support skeleton, but also has excellent anti-corrosion wear resistance. In recent years, the production process of lining adhesive pipe gradually mature, its excellent product performance and ultra-high cost-effective by more and more customers accept.

Performance Features:

  1. Extremely high impact resistance: rubber will deform under impact, absorb the kinetic energy of particles, and then in the form of rebound will be most of the energy back to the particles, reduce the impact, greatly improve the service life.
  2. Good wear resistance: rubber lining can be formulated according to the needs of wear-resistant, suitable for wear large environment, its wear resistance is more than 20 times times the steel pipe, more than four times times the ceramic, the same type of lining hose more than seven times times, can be used continuously for 15-40 years.
  3. Steel pipe selection: Suitable for a variety of pressure needs, while playing the role of protective lining colloid.
  4. Wide range of temperature adaptation: lining steel pipe can be used in the range of-40 degrees–+140 degree for a long time, the lining layer will not be separated from the steel frame due to temperature changes;

Scope of application:
Widely used in power plants, chemicals, petroleum, mining, industrial water treatment, medical and environmental protection and other fields. The mining industry is the largest user base.