Prevention of damage to membrane filter presses
For membrane filter presses, the most problematic part of the machine is the filter plate. The membrane filter press equipment often has to move the filter plate back and forth repeatedly during its work, and it is still subject to a great deal of pressure.

This makes it easier to check for cracks in the filter plate. Cracks are a precursor to the rupture of the filter plate, and a cracked filter plate in a membrane filter press means that the plate will break within a month.
In order to prevent the membrane filter press from stopping due to missing filter plates, it is necessary to identify the cracked plate in advance and purchase a spare plate so that it can be replenished immediately when it breaks, thus not delaying production.

Before the membrane filter press is taken out of service, all the hydraulic oil in the machine should be replaced and the oil tank cleaned.
Because the membrane filter press equipment in a long time work, the hydraulic oil will be the hydraulic system wall due to wear and tear of the impurities in the mailbox to deposit, so for the next use, we need to replace the hydraulic oil all together.
Do the above two aspects of work before decommissioning the membrane filter press equipment, so that the decommissioning period will not affect the function of the equipment, the membrane filter press can also be quickly restored to working condition, to maintain smooth operation.