1. Only the normal sewage treatment filter press can be used for feeding work, and the whole machine must be fully inspected before each shift. The mechanical compression transmission components and the reduction box must be filled with enough lubricating oil; the hydraulic compression rechecks the oil tank storage and the hydraulic station working pressure. The hydraulic oil is generally replaced once a year. The hydraulic system should be thoroughly cleaned when replacing, and the hydraulic station working pressure is less than The maximum working pressure of the oil cylinder, but the minimum can not be lower than the allowable value of the filter pressure, too small will cause greater leakage, and too much will damage the parts.
  2. It is forbidden to start working in the factory when the number of filter plates is less than the specified number, so as to avoid damage to the machine parts. Check the arrangement of the filter plates before feeding. The filter cloth should not be folded to prevent large leakage; after unloading the cake, the filter plates must be tightly pressed and arranged neatly. The feed dredging and the tightness of the filter plate, which are caused by the imbalance of the pressure on both sides of the filter plate, which leads to the deformation and damage of the filter plate.
  3. Slurry, lotion or compressed air valves must be activated in the order of operation, and cannot be activated at the same time. The compressed air pressure cannot exceed the filter pressure when the diaphragm is squeezed.