The installation and construction safety of rubber-lined steel pipes is very important, and strong measures should be taken to ensure safe construction. The following are the matters needing attention in the safe installation of rubber-lined steel pipes:

  1. When installing rubber-lined steel pipes, in order to facilitate the installation and construction of rubber-lined steel pipes, safety facilities such as scaffolding should be properly installed.
  2. When the structure is hoisted, in order to prevent personnel, materials and tools from falling or flying out and causing safety accidents, a safety net must be laid. Safety nets are divided into safety flat nets and safety vertical nets according to their performance.
  3. In order to facilitate the installation and construction of rubber-lined steel pipes, operating platforms shall be set up in the rubber-lined steel pipe valves and other parts as required.
  4. The installation and construction of rubber-lined steel pipes requires a lot of equipment, such as electric welders, air compressors, oxygen cylinders, acetylene cylinders, etc. The use of these equipment must be carried out in strict accordance with safety operating regulations.
  5. The electrical machinery and equipment used in construction must be grounded, and the use of damaged wires and cables is absolutely not allowed to prevent equipment leakage. The cables of electrical equipment and machinery for construction must be grouped together, and distribution boxes must be set separately.
  6. During construction in Gaokong, the operator must take protective measures as required.
  7. Pay attention to fire prevention during installation and construction, and provide necessary fire extinguishing equipment and firefighters.
  8. Installation construction should carefully implement the installation plan, especially the safety operation requirements.