PP Filter Cloth Standard
Polypropylene is the standard for filter cloths and performs ideally in most applications.

This material can withstand higher temperatures, does not easily succumb to blinding (clogging of the weave) and has a smooth surface which aids in cake removal.

However, it’s important to know the make-up of the slurry before assuming that polypropylene is the material of choice.

For example, if the slurry is bleach, polypropylene will not be compatible, and polyester filter cloth materials must be used.

Latex borders can be applied to a non-gasketed cloth to provide a better seal under pressure.

PP Filter Cloth Application:
The cloth is widely applied in the horizontal vacuum belt filter, rubber vacuum belt filter, belt drier, belt filter press, press filter, Vertical automatic filter press and used in the industry of power plant, petroleum, chemical industry, smelting, mineral separation, environment protection, foods, and pharmacy.

Polypropylene filter cloth is weaved by monofilament or multifilament, which has good air and water permeability.
They have good ability to prevent the granules from blocking in the fabrics and the filter cakes can be peeled off easily, therefore, they can be used time after time.