PP Filter Cloth Right Application and Specifications:
Polypropylene filter cloth is a popular choice in a wide range of industries including chemical manufacturing, pigments & dyes, mining, sugar processing, metal hydroxide sludge, and wastewater treatment.

Polypropylene Filter Cloth Specifications:
1、Allows for excellent cake release, particularly if the cloth utilizes a “satin weave”.
2、Excellent resistance to alkalis.
3、Excellent resistance to most acids, with the exception of chlorosulfonic acid
Very low or no moisture absorption.
4、Excellent strength and the cloth maintains its strength even after repeated flexing.
5、Light in weight with a specific gravity of 0.91.
Supply it to you in different warps/wefts including monofilament/monofilament, monofilament/multifilament, and different weaves including plain, twill, and satin
Not attacked by mildew Good for temperatures up to ~180o F.

Polypropylene Fabric Explanation:
Polypropylene fabric is a textile made from PP, which is a thermoplastic polymer commonly used in food packaging, plastic furniture, films, automotive parts, and medical devices. This plastic is a linear hydrocarbon polymer, and it is one of the most popular plastics due to its low cost and easy manufacturability.