PP Filter Cloth Application and Series
Polypropylene filter cloth, also known as PP filter cloth, finds application in liquid-solid filtration on account of high resistance to most acids and alkalis. Further, it absorbs absolutely, and offers excellent filter cake release.
Therefore, It is preferred where the solids to be retained are of high value such as chemicals and dyes, allowing for chemical and pigment changes can be made with only a light wash between batches.

Additionally, the polypropylene fiber offers high strength and is a very light. This woven fiber is widely chosen for its lightness, high strength and excellent resistance to most acids and alkalis.
A latex border can be applied to each panel cloths to provide greater gasketing and sealing properties during the operation.

PP Filter Cloth Series:
There are 3 series of Polypropylene/PP filter cloth:

  1. PP monofilament filter cloth
  2. PP multifilament/monofilament filter cloth
  3. PP multifilament (long thread) filter cloth

PP Filter Cloth Application:
Separation in solid and liquid to equip with filter press ,conveyor belts filtration Machine ,Filter Leaf ,Horizontal Rotating Pan Filter,Vacuum filter,in Chemical industry ,Fertilizer industry ,Sugar making ,food and beverage ,metallurgy ,Building ,Waste water dealing and so on .

Industries Applications
Polypropyline filter bags are used in Chemicals, fertilizers, non-ferrous metal smelting (anode bags), pharmaceuticals, Sugar, Sewage treatments and other industrial applications.