Polypropylene Woven Filter Cloth
•PP long fiber
•PP staple fiber
•PP monofilament
•PP monofilament and multifilament

Polypropylene Woven Filter Cloth Application:
It is designed for chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral processing,
environmental protection, smelting, ceramics, food and other

Polypropylene Woven Filter Cloth Characteristics:
•PP long fiber filter cloth has smooth surface and good air permeability.
•PP filter cloth is resistant to strong alkalis and weak acids, good abrasion resistance, good electrical conductivity, slightly better
recovery than polyester, easy to shrink above 90°C.
•PP monofilament filter cloth has high separation efficiency, good cake stripping effect and long service life, fast filtration speed, less
clogging and stable filtration speed, no stretching and good dimensional stability.
•The performance of PP monofilament and multifilament filter cloth is between PP monofilament and PP multifilament filter cloth.
•PP staple fiber filter cloth with hairy cloth surface, powder filtration and pressure filtration effect are better than long fiber.

Company Profile
Evergreen (China) Co.,Ltd is a large professional manufacturer of mining and metallurgical equipment, which is a foreign-funded
enterprise invested by British Evergreen Oil & Gas Field Service Co., Limited.

Registered capital: 120 million yuan.
Company covers an area of 33000 square meters, 20 years
experience in mining equipment.

Products are exported to USA, UK, Canada, Filand, Russia,
Iran, Australia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Africa and other
countries, praised by users at home and abroad.

Polypropylene Filter Cloth
Polypropylene Filter Cloth