Polypropylene Filter Cloth Advantages:
This woven fiber is widely chosen for its lightness, high strength and excellent resistance to most acids and alkalis. The sleekness of the fiber allows for excellent cake release.
Since its moisture absorption is virtually nil, polypropylene is a good choice for an application such as dye production, where pigment changes can be made with only a light wash between batches.
A latex border can be applied to the individual cloths to provide greater gasketing and sealing properties during the operation.

.Choose Polypropylene Reasons
.Free of mildew and oxidation
.Good resistance against acids, alkalis and reducing agents
.Sleek surface that ensures easy and optimal cake release
.Excellent liquid/gas permeability
.Shorten filter cycle with multiple options of weaves and particle retention capabilities
.Lightest weight among synthetic fibers and hence it is amongst the most easiest to maintain
.Available for large to fine particle filtration with multiple weave options.

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