Polypropylene filter cloth offers several advantages in filtration applications. Here are some key advantages of using polypropylene filter cloth:

Chemical resistance: Polypropylene is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, and organic solvents. This makes polypropylene filter cloth suitable for filtration processes involving corrosive or aggressive liquids.

High filtration efficiency: Polypropylene filter cloth is known for its excellent filtration efficiency. It can effectively capture fine particles and solid contaminants, providing reliable filtration results.

Moisture resistance: Polypropylene has low water absorption properties, which means it does not retain moisture easily. This attribute allows the filter cloth to maintain its filtration performance even in moist or humid conditions.

Good mechanical strength: Polypropylene filter cloth offers good mechanical strength and dimensional stability. It can withstand moderate to high pressures during filtration operations without excessive stretching or deformation.

Easy cleaning and maintenance: Polypropylene filter cloth is relatively easy to clean and maintain. It can be cleaned through various methods, such as rinsing, backwashing, or chemical cleaning, depending on the specific requirements of the filtration process.

Cost-effectiveness: Polypropylene is an affordable product contrasted to a few other filter fabric alternatives. Its cost makes it a preferred choice for applications where frequent filter cloth replacements are required.

Versatility: Polypropylene filter cloth can be made in different pore sizes and also thicknesses to fit a large range of filtering needs. It is compatible with various filtering procedures, including solid-liquid separation, dust collection, and also air filtration.

  1. Our equipment is imported from abroad, which ensures that the pore size of the filter cloth is uniform and improves the quality of the filter cloth.
    Increase the air permeability of the entire filter cloth to ensure the quality of the filter cloth.
  2. Our raw materials are all purchased from Sinopec, and we do not use raw materials produced by cheap small factories and
    For secondary materials, strictly control the quality of raw materials.

Evergreen (China) Co., Ltd. has advanced inspection equipment and quality control system, we have strict inspection on each batch of material and ready goods, users’satisfaction is our target.

Packaging details
We can customize different packaging boxes according to customer needs.