Preparations before operation:

  1. Whether the number of plates and frames complies with the regulations, and it is forbidden to start the work when the number of plates and frames is less than the specified number.
  2. Whether the filter cloth is damaged, the filter cloth hole is smaller than the plate frame hole and relatively concentric with the plate frame hole.
  3. Whether the arrangement order of the plate and frame meets the requirements, whether the installation is smooth, and whether the sealing surface is in good contact.
  4. Whether the hydraulic system works normally, and whether the pressure gauge is sensitive and easy to use.
  5. Whether the pipelines are smooth and whether there are leaks.
    Precautions during operation:
  6. When the plate frame moves on the main beam, it should not be collided or beaten, and the force should be balanced to prevent damage to the handle and damage to the sealing surface.
  7. Valves for materials, compression, washing liquid or hot water must be activated according to the operating procedures, and must not be activated at the same time.
  8. When cleaning the plate frame and filter cloth after unloading the cake, ensure that the holes are unblocked, and do not allow residues to stick to the sealing surface or the feeding channel.
  9. When the hydraulic system stops operating, the long lever handwheel of the operating device should be normally open, and the short lever handwheel should be normally closed to ensure safety and avoid wasting oil.
  10. The filter press cloth must be installed flat and not allowed to be folded to prevent damage to the frame and leakage when pressing.
  11. The working pressure of the hydraulic station shall not exceed 20Mpa.
  12. The filtration pressure must be less than 0.45Mpa, and the temperature of the filter material must be less than 80°C to prevent leakage and deformation and tearing of the plate and frame.
  13. The relief valve of the control device must be adjusted to the minimum working pressure that can make the piston return.

Daily maintenance:

  1. Pay attention to whether the connecting parts of each part are loose, and they should be tightened at any time.
  2. Check whether the working pressure of the hydraulic system and the amount of oil in the fuel tank are within the specified range every shift.
  3. Clean 46# hydraulic oil should be added to the oil tank and added after being filtered by an 80-100 mesh filter screen. It is forbidden to add oil containing impurities or moisture to the oil tank.
  4. The operator should insist on cleaning the equipment at any time, keep the filter press clean and tidy, so that the equipment body and its surroundings are free of filter cakes and sundries.
  5. The pressing shaft or pressing screw should be well lubricated to prevent foreign matter.
  6. The pressure gauge should be checked regularly to ensure its sensitivity.
  7. The removed plate and frame should be stacked flat when stored to prevent deflection and deformation.