The filter cloth’s role in this process is the filtration itself. The properties and parameters of the filter cloth determine fundamentally which elements it filters out, i.e. what becomes sludge and what leaves the filter.

The filter cloth is held in place by the filter sheet, which is shaped to allow the formation of sludge deposits and has holes to help the material flow away. The filter sheets form the filter sheet bundles, which are called head sheets, end sheets and intermediate sheets, depending on where the filter sheet is located.

Filter sheets can also be grouped by function. These include chamber flaps, membrane flaps, wash flaps and other special solutions.
The usability of filter sheets is determined by various parameters, such as their dimensions, the location of the drainage channels, the chamber volume, the maximum pressure, the dimensions of the filter surface and the quality of the material.

The filter cloth thus creates a filter surface on both sides of the press plate, and these materials can therefore be produced in both fold-over and fold-through versions.

Change Your Filter Press Cloths
Understands the time constraints put onto manufacturing facilities and there is often not enough time in the day or enough manpower available to perform maintenance such as Replacing the Filter Press Cloths in your filter press.

If you do not have the time or manpower to change your filter press cloths, there are several options available to help with this issue

Option 1
First, a set of plates, as small as 2, can be purchased. This will allow you to swap out old plates with these new plates 2 at a time.
This will allow you to take your time to change these two cloths. Once these two are done they can be swapped out for the next two that need done. This is performed until all the plates have been reclothed.

Option 2
A second option is to send the filter press plates to our company to have them professionally changed be our Installation Team. The filter press plates will have their old cloths and gaskets removed.
The plates will be given a thorough acid wash and then power washed. We will then install the new cloths and new gaskets. If you are able to have your filter press shutdown for a few days we can quickly perform the work on your plates and get them back ASAP.
If you are not able to be down for a few days then we can provide you with either a full set of new plates or a partial set of filter press plates. As with option one, we will provide new plates with cloths and gaskets in the quantity that works for your timeline and budget.

The filter cloth plays a very important role in the operation of filter presses. In both chamber filter presses and frame filter presses, it is the textile-based filter cloth that separates the different materials, based on the particle size.