The selection of filter cloth is very important and plays a very important role in the filtration process. Whether the selection of filter cloth is reasonable directly affects the effect and speed of filtration.
When choosing a filter cloth, first of all, it should be based on the characteristics of the filter slurry, followed by the requirements for filtration, including the permeability of the filter cloth (water permeability or air permeability), filtration level (the maximum and minimum pore size of the filter cloth), service life (tensile strength and elongation), and finally we have to consider the structure, chemical properties and cost of the filter cloth.

  1. According to the nature and particle size of the slurry, select a filter cloth that can effectively intercept sludge particles, mainly based on the pore size of the filter cloth and its water permeability and air permeability.
  2. We should choose filter cloths with different tensile strength and elongation according to the filter pressure.
  3. According to the pH value of the sludge to choose filter cloths of different materials. Generally, in order to prolong the service life of the filter cloth,in an environment with a pH value of 4~8 use the polypropylene series filter cloth , in an environment with a pH value of 5 ~8.5 environment choose the nylon series filter cloth.
  4. When the filtration performance of the two filter cloths is similar, we should choose the filter cloth with lower cost.