The structure of the high efficiency membrane filter press is similar to conventional filter press, but the filtering process is different.

The high efficiency membrane filter press is composed of the main machine, hydraulic system, electric control system and discharge mechanism. The main machine includes: frame part, filter plate assembly, filter plate pulling and closing mechanism, and filter plate pressing mechanism.

Filter press process
The working cycle of the high efficiency membrane filter press is divided into four stages: closs and press, feed and filter, press and dewater, and group pull-off discharge.

Close and press
The filter press closes and presses the filter plates together through the hydraulic drive mechanism, forming a closed filter chamber between the plates.

The equipment uses multiple hydraulic cylinders to press the filter plates in a large area.

The hydraulic cylinders are synchronized to press the filter plate evenly, and the filter plate is evenly and reasonably pressed. It solves the problem of uneven force applied by the traditional single hydraulic cylinder and multiple cylinders not synchronized.

Feed and filter
The feed pump presses the slurry into each filter chamber for filtration, and the liquid in the slurry flows through the filter medium to the discharge port of the filter plate through the discharge groove of the filter plate.

The solid particles are trapped in the chamber to gradually form the filter cake.

The filtration stage ends when the filter chamber is filled with filter cake.

The unit uses a multi-port feed. The head, tail and middle section of the equipment realize multi-port feeding at three ends; the feeding speed is fast, the fabric is uniform and the cake is well formed. It solves the problem of slow and uneven feeding of the traditional filter press with a single port, and the problem of lack of material in the filter chamber and damage to the filter plate easily, while realizing fast and uniform feeding.
Press and dewater
Through the compressed air entering between the membrane and the filter plate, the membrane deforms elastically and squeezes the filter cake to carry out secondary press and dewater, so as to further reduce the water content of the filter cake and thus complete the press and dewater process.

The equipment adopts a new type of pp membrane filter plate of larger size. The large filter plate has a large filtration area, a large filter chamber volume and high production capacity.

The special drainage surface of the filter plate and good discharge design of the filter plate ensure that the water discharge is not blocked and is highly efficient. It solves the bottleneck of the difficulty of filtering water from the traditional filter plate and greatly improving the filtration speed.

The membrane elongation is large, and the filter cake is pressed twice after filtration, forming a good cake, overcoming the weakness of the traditional filter press which takes a long time to filter into a cake.

At the same time, the water content of the filter cake is low; the slurry can be added with less or no flocculant, saving production costs and avoiding secondary pollution. Adjusting the secondary press pressure and time, you can control the moisture level of the filter cake.
Group pull-off discharge
The filter cake can be pulled off in three times by the pull-off device, and for difficult materials, the discharge mechanism can be activated to make the filter cake peeled off quickly.

The filter plate can be pulled apart more than ten pieces at a time with high efficiency and short time; it not only ensures a large interval between filter plates, but also achieves the same production capacity as the traditional filter press. Even though, the total length of the machine body is small and covers an area of less space. It adopts circular chain to pull the filter plate, which is stronger than the traditional joint pull plate, and more flexible and reliable, with fewer failures.

In addition, the equipment adopts the filter plate grouping automatic discharge mechanism.

The unique design enables the filter cloth of the closed group of filter plates not to shake, and the filter cloth of the pulled group to shake, and the filter cake is discharged in groups at the same time.

The unloading is fast and thorough and does not require manual stabbing of the filter cake. It solves the problems of traditional filter presses that do not unload the filter cake thoroughly, run with filter cake, have invalid chambers and reduce the production capacity.