Filter press plates for chamber filter presses and membrane filter presses are primarily chemically resistant and pressure-resistant plastic plates made of PP. Together with the overhanging filter cloth, these form the process space for cake filtration in the filter press and are mainly responsible for solid/liquid separation. Special materials for higher temperatures up to +130°C and for lower temperatures down to -10°C are also available for continuous operation.
The drainage surface integrated in the filter press plates is designed with nubs or grooves. This supports the filter cloth on the one hand and allows the filtrate to flow off in a defined manner on the other.
Process-technical parameters for the selection of a filter plate for your individual application are the filter area, the chamber depth or the filter cake thickness and the degree of dewatering.
This results in the chamber or cake volume as well as the filter plate type. Essential aspects of the design depend on the optional process steps such as filter cake washing, filter cake drying as well as core blowing and much more.

Filter press plates have to be strong and usually, corrosion-resistant. They have to likewise be able to withstand extremely high pressures as well as high quantities (throughput) of slurry.
Professional staff in our cutting edge laboratory are crucial in specifying the dimension of your filter press which additionally determines the size as well as sort of filter press plate that goes with that press for your particular application.
As an example filter plates for a mining application are various from filter plates for a battery recycling process.
Rust immune polypropylene plates are available in recessed chamber as well as diaphragm press (membrane) designs. Diaphragm capture plates are also readily available with changeable diaphragms constructed from PP, PVDF, Nylon or EPDM.

Filter Press Plates Features
Available in sizes from 320mm to 2.1M X 2.1M
Pressure rated for 8 and 16 bar
Multiple level corrosion resistant materials including polypro, glass filled nylon and PVDF
Corrosion resistant plates are available in recessed chamber and diaphragm squeeze (membrane) designs. Diaphragm squeeze plates are also available with replaceable diaphragms made of PP, PVDF, Nylon or EPDM.
Filter packs can be configured as full recessed packs for fixed volume filtration, full diaphragm squeeze packs for variable volume filtration or mixed packs where diaphragm squeeze plates alternate with recessed chamber plates for a cost-effective alternative to an all-diaphragm squeeze plate design.

The criteria for selecting the right filter plate specifically include:
(1)Temperature stability
(2)Filter cloth support
(3)Chemical resistance
(4)Differential pressure resistance
(5)Drainability (grooves, nubs, with/without membrane technology)