Filter plate is one of the most important components of a membrane filter press. Its main function is to carry the filter cloth to form a completely sealed filter chamber to store the filter cake.

The production of filter plates for membrane filter presses is very complex, using high tech to manufacture. The high-tech content of the membrane filter plates can guarantee the filtering effect of the equipment . The filter plate of the membrane filter press uses two types of spacers welded to a hollow filter plate, thus creating a hollow structure of the filter plate.

It still has a certain amount of recessed space on the outer surface of the spacer. And will also be manufacture with a lot of blind spots at the bottom. The purpose of this design is to store the filter cake and to create a flow path for the filtrate. The other side tightly connects to the filter plate to form a good sealing space.

As the interior of the filter plate continues to expand, pressure is applied to the membrane. When this pressure is greater than the resistance of the filter cake to the membrane, the membrane will bulge outwards. Thus swelling and deforming the filter plate. The protruding space will reduce the cake space between the plates. So that the filter can squeeze the cake again to achieve a second extrusion and dewatering of the cake, which reduces the moisture content of the cake again.

In the case of membrane filter plates, the expansion of the membrane is within a certain range. Therefore, The membrane filter plate has an additional parameter, which is the expansion limit of the diaphragm filter plate. Between 0.8cm and 1.8cm, the larger the parameter, the more squeezing effect on the filter cake. And the relatively low water content of the cake. In general, the larger the filter plate, the higher the expansion number, but always ensuring that it is below 1.8cm.

The filter plate is also one of the perishable parts of the membrane filter press. If the filter plate is damaged, the machine will not work, so people must pay attention to routine maintenance when using it.