Due to its unique characteristics, rubber-lined pipes are widely used in various industries. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, extremely high wear resistance, energy saving and easy installation. In theory, the service life of the pipeline can reach 10-15 years, but it is also affected by some factors.

  1. Properties of rubber
    The rubber lining of the rubber lined pipe should be determined according to the environment in which it is used. If the physical and chemical properties of the rubber selected do not match the environment, the service life will be greatly reduced and the rubber layer will fall off.
  2. Adhesive strength of rubber and steel pipe
    Non-rubber production enterprises have poor glue adhesion, which can cause the lining layer to not be able to decompose well, resulting in localized uneven stress and local rapid corrosion of the rubber-lined pipeline.
  3. Use environment
    The place of use, corrosiveness, temperature, and strength of use will all affect the service life of the rubber-lined pipeline, so a reasonable analysis should be made at the beginning of the selection.

Although the comprehensive performance of rubber-lined pipes is excellent, users still need to perform and operate in accordance with the correct methods and technical requirements in the future use process to achieve a longer life span and reduce cost waste.