With the rapid development of flotation technology, flotation equipment gradually has the characteristics of diversification, serialization, large-scale and automation.

1)Large-scale flotation machine. Although we have made great progress in the enlargement of flotation equipment in recent years, with the economic development, it is more difficult for people to mine, so it is necessary to promote the enlargement of flotation equipment to meet the needs of various processing capacities.

2) Diversification of flotation machines. The human demand for mineral resources is increasing, but the mineral resources will not increase.

In order to improve the utilization rate of resources, according to the buoyancy properties of different ores, research targeted solutions, such as coarse-grained flotation, high-efficiency energy-saving flotation and composite force field Flotation equipment for fine particles and fine particles is still the research direction of flotation machines in the future.

3) Flotation machine automation. With the development of microelectronics technology, we have made great progress in the automatic control technology of flotation equipment.

We have automated the process control of the flotation equipment, such as the slurry level, air volume, slurry concentration, reagent addition, and foam imaging analysis.

But people have not improved the automation level of the equipment itself, such as bearing temperature, motor temperature, remote monitoring system based on WEB, fault diagnosis system, fault alarm and pre-plan, etc.