PU scraper, also known as PU cleaner, is used on coal and chemical conveyor belts to remove adhering ash and powder materials.
The scraper produced by our company has a buffer function, which is suitable for carrying fine powder materials, dry materials or slightly wet materials, as well as efficient cleaning of inclined conveyor belts with splints. It has good followability to the belt surface in various situations, produces a complete scraping effect.
Depending on the use environment, the hardness of PU scraper is widely selected, but we ensure it has a low friction coefficient, high wear resistance, high strength, stable scraping effect, anti-corrosion, anti-break and will not damage the belt.
Due to standardized design of our PU scraper, the interchangeability is good, the weight is light, the installation, maintenance and replacement are simple and quick. It reduces the material and maintenance time and cost, and its service life is more than 3-4 times that of metal rubber scraper.

We can produce high quality mine conveyor belt and PU scraper. And we have a whole set of quality management system.

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