Classification of flotation machines
1.Mechanical Stirring Flotation Machine
The mechanical stirring flotation machine belongs to the external air self-priming flotation machine. According to the type of mechanical stirring device, there are many models, such as XJ type, XJQ type, GF type, SF type, etc. Its advantages are: self-absorption of air and pulp, easy self-flow, less auxiliary equipment, and simple operation and maintenance; disadvantages are: small air inflation, high power consumption, and large wear and tear.

2.Inflatable Stirring Flotation Machine
The mechanical stirring device of the inflatable stirring flotation machine only plays the role of stirring the pulp and distributing the air flow. The air is mainly pressed into the pulp by an external fan, and the aeration and stirring are separated. Its features are:

1)The gas filling volume is easy to adjust, thus improving the processing capacity of the flotation machine;
2)The speed of the impeller is low, the power consumption is small, the wear is small, and it is not easy to produce muddy phenomenon;
3)Large processing capacity and low power consumption per unit of processing capacity.
Its disadvantage is that there is a compressed air system. Such flotation machines include CHF-X type, XJC type, BS-C type, KYF type, BS-K type, LCH-X type, CLF type, etc.

3.Inflatable flotation machine
The inflatable flotation machine has no mechanical agitator and no transmission parts, and the compressor provides the air for inflation. Its advantages are simple structure and easy manufacture, but its disadvantage is that there is no agitator and the flotation effect is not good.