1. According to the shape of the cross section of the dust filter bag, there are two types: flat bag (trapezoid and flat) and round bag (cylindrical).
  2. In the light of the air inlet and outlet, there are three types: lower air inlet and upper air outlet, upper air inlet and lower air outlet and direct current type (limited to plate-shaped flat bags).

3.It has two types: external filter type and internal filter type according to the filtration method of the dust filter bag

  1. In line with the temperature bearing capacity of the dust filter bag, it has high temperature type, medium temperature type, normal temperature type, application fields Application fields: iron works, steel works, ferroalloy plants, refractory plants, foundries, power plants, cement plants, chemicals factory, grain processing factory, carbon black factory, aluminum factory, etc.
  2. According to the temperature, there are two types:

(1) Low temperature type: suitable for bag type dust collectors for local dust points such as raw meal mills, cement mills, storage tops and bottoms. For use in high humidity conditions, the surface needs to be treated with oil repellent and water repellent treatment agent;

(2) Normal and high temperature type: bag filter is suitable for high temperature waste gas treatment such as cement shaft kiln, rotary kiln tail, cooler, dryer, etc., and the surface of the dust collector needs to be used for high temperature and high humidity conditions. Use oil repellent and waterproof treatment agent for surface treatment;

filter cloth characteristics
For filter cloth, it is not only the wear and tear of the material itself that affects its service life, but also the corrosion of the filter cloth by the working substance. Therefore, the requirements for industrial filter cloth are very high, and the following characteristics are mainly required:

(1) The capture effect of solids is good and the service life is long;

(2) The filtration speed is fast, the blockage is less, and the filtration speed is stable;

(3) The filter residue has good peelability, no expansion and contraction, and good dimensional stability.