In mining, chemical oilfield and other heavy industrial applications, steel pipes play a very important part. Because it’s to transfer corrosive chemicals, slag, sand and other abrasive mediums. The quality of steel pipe is very important. Once the steel pipe failure, it will be a huge project to repair. Besides, it will cause environmental pollution.

What’s more, the save energy and green industry becomes more popular. It’s a crude reality that companies will be eliminated if don’t achieve sustainable development. On such occasion, PU lining steel pipe comes on the stage. Then what’s the great properties of it? Let’s see next.

Excellent abrasion resistance
Because PU has great elasticity, when medium crush the pipe, the PU lining was forced to compress. While when the force disappears, the PU lining returns to the normal type. This property greatly reduce the abrasion from fierce crush. As a result, the abrasion resistant lifespan could be several decades of normal steel pipe.

Scaling resistant
Pu has symmetrical molecular structure and is non-polar, so there will not be adsorption to the ions in the slurry. Thus it will not form the scaling layer. Besides, the inner wall is smooth, so it can effectively prevent the attachment of scaling layer.

Steady water resistance
Unlike other rubber products, there will never be swelling phenomenon in the water for PU.

Excellent bonding
The pipe adopt unique technology and make the PU lining 100% connect to the steel pipe. Special entire turnup technology helps avoid falling and cracking.

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