Basic selection principle of flotation machine

  1. Select the appropriate type of flotation machine according to the properties of the ore (such as optionality, selected particle size, density, grade, pulp, pH, etc.). There are two conditions for choosing a mechanical agitation flotation machine. The first is that we can easily select ore, and the second is that there is no need for a large amount of aeration.
    When the ore grains are relatively coarse, we can choose KYF type, BS-K type flotation machine and CLF type coarse grain flotation machine which are suitable for coarse grains.
    When we choose a flotation column with a relatively high rich ore ratio (especially for beneficiation operations), we require that the ore is not difficult to select, the selected particle size is fine, the grade is high, and the pH of the slurry is low.
  2. According to the scale of the dressing plant, we choose the flotation machine of the corresponding specification. Generally speaking, large-scale concentrators should choose large-scale flotation machines.
    Medium and small factories should choose medium or small-sized flotation machines, and we should also determine the specifications and quantities of flotation machines through technical difficulty and cost comparison.
    3.The beneficiation operation is mainly to improve the concentrate grade. The flotation foam layer should be thinner to separate the gangue.
    It is not suitable to use a flotation machine that is at best large. The flotation machines used for the selection work are different.
    4.We must pay attention to the manufacturing quality of the flotation machine and the supply of spare parts and spare parts. We should investigate and understand this in detail.