There are two main areas of application for rubber-lined pipes: mines and power plants.
The industrial and mining conditions of mines are relatively harsh. Mining companies generally use imported world-class rubber sheets. Because their performance in all aspects is several times that of domestic rubber, they can work in this environment, and the general industrial and mining environment is relatively good.

Under the circumstances, in order to reduce the cost of the enterprise, the use of domestic rubber-lined pipes can also have the effect of application.

Generally, the internal passing medium of the rubber-lined pipe is corrosive slurry particles. It should be used in the desulfurization of power plants and the transportation of mine slurry. However, there are fewer and fewer manufacturers of rubber linings in the market. Why do they participate in this situation?

Because the cost of rubber-lined pipes is too high, the profit margin is too small for major manufacturers, and the cost is too high for users. The market share of rubber-lined hose has been reduced, but no matter how much the share is, it will not withdraw from the market in the short term.

Because most of the desulfurization in power plants is still rubber-lined pipes. In fact, there are many materials that can play the role of anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, but their performance is not as good as rubber-lined pipes.

It may be cheaper than rubber-lined pipes in terms of price, but considering the cost performance, it will still be Choose rubber-lined pipe. Therefore, for a long time in the future, before new alternative materials come out, rubber-lined pipes will still occupy a large share of the market.