1. The skeleton steel pipe and rubber layer of the wear-resistant rubber-lined pipe are compounded with a high-performance adhesive as a whole, which is compounded and vulcanized by professional vulcanization equipment by a special process, which overcomes the pressure resistance and wear resistance of the steel pipe. It has the shortcomings of inability to withstand pressure and poor brittle impact resistance of glass fiber reinforced plastics. It also has the common advantages of steel pipes and wear-resistant rubber, and has excellent comprehensive cost performance.
  2. Wear-resistant rubber lined pipes have good wear resistance.
  3. Wear-resistant rubber-lined pipes have high strength, high impact resistance, light weight, good vibration absorption performance and excellent mechanical impact resistance, high strength, good rigidity, no creep, impact resistance, shock resistance, water resistance The hammer has strong performance and is convenient for transportation, installation and maintenance.
  4. Excellent anti-corrosion performance of wear-resistant rubber lined pipes.
  5. The wear-resistant rubber-lined pipes can be used for a long time within the range of -50℃~+150℃. The rubber liner will not be separated from the steel frame due to temperature changes.
  6. The wear-resistant rubber-lined pipes are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with good lubricity and low running resistance loss, saving running costs.
  7. The anti-aging performance of the wear-resistant rubber-lined pipeline is superior, and the general service life is more than 15 years under normal operating pressure and temperature. After 6-8 years of use, the pipeline will rotate once at nearly 90°, and the service life will be longer. The rubber-lined pipeline can be used repeatedly for 4 times, reducing the cost, and the production cycle is short, which can ensure the construction period.
  8. The surface roughness of the rubber lining of the wear-resistant rubber liner is small, and the rubber is adaptable to conventional acids, alkalis and other media, and will not cause corrosion and scaling.
  9. Various connection methods of wear-resistant rubber-lined pipes are fast and convenient.