1. In the later stage of filtration, the diaphragm filter press has small flow and high pressure, which can greatly reduce the energy consumption of operating power and play a role in energy saving.
  2. Increase the density of the filter cake and reduce the muddy water content. Diaphragm pressing performs secondary pressing on the filter cake after static filtration, which increases the density of the filter cake, thereby squeezing out more water and improving the dryness of the filter cake.
  3. The solid content of the filter cake is high, the dependence of the filter cake on the filter cloth is correspondingly reduced, the separation speed of the filter cloth is faster, the working cycle is shortened, and the pressing efficiency is improved.
  4. The chamber filter plate and diaphragm filter plate of the diaphragm filter press can withstand the pressure of 13kg/17kg, have high strength and strong corrosion resistance, can meet the requirements of solid-liquid separation in different industries, and are basically suitable for all solid-liquid separation operations.
  5. It can be equipped with PLC program control system, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the solid-liquid separation efficiency.
  6. The diaphragm filter plate has good sealing performance. During the pressing process, the ground of the pressing environment is clean and tidy.