About flotation machine stator rotor
1.Definition of stator rotor:
According to the different aeration and stirring methods, the flotation cell can be divided into four types: inflatable mechanical agitation flotation cell, self-suction mechanical agitation flotation cell, decompression flotation cell, and air-lift flotation cell.
Among them, the rotor stator of the flotation machine is the most important part of the self-suction mechanical agitation flotation machine and the inflatable mechanical agitation flotation machine.

2.The working principle of the stator and rotor:
The rotors in the rotor stator assembly of the flotation machine include centrifugal impellers, bar wheels, cage wheels, star rotors, etc. The self-suction mechanical agitation flotation machine, through the rotation of the rotor, forms a suction characteristic similar to that of a pump, which can not only self-suction air, but also self-suction pulp, so the self-flow return of intermediate products can be realized in the flotation production process For re-election, there is no need for sand pumping. The pneumatic mechanical agitation flotation machine is the same as the self-aspiration mechanical agitation flotation machine. Through the rotation of the rotor, the pulp and flotation reagent can be fully mixed, and the trough formation of the pulp can also be prevented.

There are many holes drilled on the stator in the rotor stator assembly of the flotation machine, and it is fixed during the operation of the flotation machine. The holes on the stator of the flotation machine are the channels for the rotor to throw out the pulp. The size and quantity of the holes affect the size and amount of the flotation bubbles in the flotation. The role of the stator in the flotation machine is actually a kind of stabilizer, which can be used to stabilize the foam in the upper part of the flotation tank, prevent the pulp from disturbing the foam layer, and keep the eddy current area generated by the rotor away from the foam to form a stable pulp liquid level. In addition, the stator can also protect the rotor and make the flotation machine start easier.
That is, the stator rotor is used for stirring in the flotation machine, and a large amount of foam is generated by centrifugal force.
So as to achieve the purpose of beneficiation.

Flotation machine rotor stator features and advantages:
Advanced product design: adopt advanced UG software design, use finite element and wear analysis to optimize after the design is completed, and finally determine the design plan and product molding; the skeleton design has good shock absorption performance and excellent mechanical shock resistance, high strength , good rigidity, easy to transport, install and maintain. The mold design is reasonable, and the advanced UG mold design technology is adopted, and the CNC machining center is used to make the mold to ensure the design accuracy of the rotor and stator. It not only ensures accurate and efficient molding of products, but also facilitates production operations and ensures product performance.
High wear resistance: according to the actual working conditions, tailor-made polyurethane, rubber formula, polymer nylon formula.If you want to know more,contact us pla.

Stator and rotor products, features and advantages of company:
Stators and impellers of various models and a full range of flotation machines produced by Aigrei. Such as KYF type, XCF type, BF type, JJF type, BS-K type, GF type, SF type, WEMCO type of FLSML DTH, DORR type, etc. The rotors and stators produced by Aigrei have advanced design, reasonable mold design, stable chemical properties, impact resistance, tear resistance, light weight, convenient loading and unloading, maintenance and replacement, and dynamic balance stability detection improves operational stability and reduces eccentric loads. The rotor and stator are made of high-quality rubber, polyurethane, and high-molecular nylon formulas with three specifications, and the excellent quality is world-class.
So far, Aigre has the largest manufacturer with the most complete specifications and models in the world, and provides comprehensive solutions for different types of flotation machines. All stators and impellers can be customized by surveying and mapping, and tailor-made rubber formula and polyurethane according to the actual working conditions of mines. formula, polymer nylon formula.