1. When installing the filter cloth, pay attention to the front and back side (to the mud side and not to the mud side), generally without special requirements, the cloth side of the filter cloth (rolling surface) to the mud. Otherwise the wrong installation will result in easy blockage of the filter cloth and low filtration efficiency.
  2. filter cloth should not hang too loose or too tight, too loose is more likely to accumulate dust, too tight is more likely to pull bad.
  3. The old and new filter cloths should not be mixed to prevent the normal operation of the equipment from being affected by the difference in damage time.
  4. Spare filter cloths should be stored in a cool and dry place. It is recommended that dark shade cloths be used to protect them from ultraviolet light and to prevent the filter cloth material from ageing.
  5. Suspend the filter cake when it reaches a suitable thickness, unload the cake and then start working again, which can prolong the service life of the filter bag.
  6. When unloading the filter cake, the cake unloading tool should be parallel to the filter cloth as far as possible to prevent damage to the filter bag.
  7. When adding filter cloth, ensure that the filter cloth on the upper part of the plate frame is flat and identical to avoid damaging the filter cloth when the plate frame is squeezed due to the folding of the filter cloth.
  8. The time for the filter cake to adhere to the filter cloth should not be too long, too long will trigger the deformation and bending of the filter cloth.
  9. When unloading the filter cake, shovel the filter cake in the direction of the filter cloth.
  10. Take care that there are no foreign objects or larger sludge particles between the filter cloth and the filter plate. Larger sludge particles or foreign objects may cause damage to the filter plate or filter cloth when closing the plate.