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Filter Plates

.High Pressure, Waterproof, Alkaliproof, .Acidproof, Corrosion;
.Resistant, High Temperature;
.Color:Customers’ Required;
.Lead Time:Please consult for details.

Brand Name: Evergreen

Multifilament filter cloth

Filter Cloth

Filter Cloth Advantage:
1、Foreign original imported equipment;
2、Uniform aperture size of filter cloth;
3、Excellent air permeability of filter cloth;
4、Excellent acid and alkali resistance.

Brand Name: Evergreen

lined steel pipe

Lined Steel Pipe

Nominal diameters are from 1 to 24 inch larger diameters available upon request and lengths are from 100mm up to 6100 mm(20ft) ,depending on the nominal diameter.Accept color and shape(straigh,elbow,bifurcated and trigeminal) customization on your requests for different devices and usages.

Brand Name: Evergreen

Filter Press

Filter Press

Automatic filter press,Chamber filter press,Quick Opening,filter press and so on.Accept customization of sizes,types,materials,logo printings on your requirments.
Filter presses are proven effective on hundreds of applications across many markets and are capable of dewatering particle sizes down to 1 micron.

Brand Name: Evergreen

Mining Parts

Tried and tested innovation for trustworthy procedure
Private filter panels with 1.6, 2.5 and 6 m2 of single-sided filtration area depending upon model and operating pressure up to 16 bar. These plates are piled horizontally on top of each other for a total filter area of 1.6 to 168 m2.

Brand Name: Evergreen

Our 4 series products:

Filter press and filter plate series
Plate and frame type, box type and diaphragm filter plate including EV-VPA series and EV-FFP series.
Filter press includes manual type, mechanical type, hydraulic type, automatic type and quick-open type. Filter press from 320-2000 has dozens of types and hundreds of specifications.
The filter area is from 2-1600m2, while the filter pressure is from 0.4MPa to 4.0MPa.

Steel and rubber composite pipe and plastic lining pipe series:

Choose different lining products according to medium, friction coefficient and working temperature, like rubber lining pipe, plastic lining pipe (including PO, PE, PP and PU) and PTFE lining steel pipe.

Flotation machine stator and rotor series
We have full series and all types rotor and stator for flotation machine, like KYF type, XCF type, BF type, JJF type, BS-K type, GF type and SF type.

Mining and metallurgy equipment accessory series
We mainly produce combined type vibrating screen plate, slurry pump sleeve, mineral abrasion resistant parts and others.

Since set up in 2000, we insists the running principle “People oriented, scientific and technological innovation”.
Our products are mainly used in mine, metallurgy, power, chemical, environment protection, water treatment, food and many other industries.
Our products have passed the CE certification and ISO9001: 2000 certification and been exported to many countries like America, Britain, Russia, Iran, Chile and Australia. In the meantime, we receive good reputations from all over the world.

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