The filter plate of the filter press is the main component of the plate and frame filter. Its materials and types are varied to meet different material requirements. As a van filter press manufacturer, our filter plates use high-quality PP raw materials, which not only guarantees the quality from the source. And, in terms of technology, advanced CNC milling machines, ultra-high pressure presses and other processing machines are used to further improve its quality. Our polypropylene filter plate is pressed by a large press (4000 tons pressure), which effectively improves the density of the filter plate, so our filter plate can withstand higher filtration pressure and has better corrosion resistance.
At present, our filter plates mainly include: polypropylene filter plates, cast iron filter plates, and stainless steel filter plates. Among them, PP filter plates include: plate and frame filter plates, box filter plates, diaphragm filter plates, circular filter plates, airtight filter plates, cotton cake filter plates and many other types, which can basically meet the filtration needs of various industries.

Filter press structure and working principle
The filter press, also known as the plate and frame filter, is a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment. It is mainly composed of pressing mechanism, filter plate, frame, electric control system and other auxiliary parts. It is used in many fields and industries, such as: sewage treatment (sludge dewatering), chemical industry, food, mining, ceramics, printing and dyeing, papermaking, metallurgy, etc. Due to its wide range of applications, it is a general-purpose industrial filtration equipment.

The basic principle of the plate and frame filter press is: when working, under the action of the pressing device, the filter plate is pressed between the pressing plate and the thrust plate. At this time, a closed filter chamber is formed inside. Then, after the feed pump of the filter press drives the material into the closed filter space, under the pressure of the feed pump, the liquid is discharged from the filter cloth (fixed on the filter plate). The solid is trapped in the filter chamber and slowly forms a blocky filter cake under the action of pressure, thus realizing the solid-liquid separation of the material. After the feed pump of the filter press stops feeding, slowly loosen the pressing plate to remove the filter cake. At this point, a filtering process is completed and the next working cycle is entered.